Mike Peterson

Mike Peterson

Mike Peterson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Though Mike was born in Ogden, Utah, he usually claims he’s from Idaho, where he grew up in Sun Valley and Boise. He didn’t start college until his mid-20s after he was married with kids. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature and his master’s in rhetoric and composition and then moved with his wife and four children to earn a doctorate in composition studies at the University of New Hampshire. During the entirety of Mike’s college years, he worked as a fulltime 911 operator—eight years in Boise and four years in New Hampshire. Due to his years as a nontraditional student, balancing work and family and school, Mike now dedicates his efforts to helping students who are attending college under difficult circumstances. In particular, he enjoys working with nontraditional, ESL, International, first-generation, and returning students. Mike’s background is in developmental writing, adult literacy, and writing-across-the-curriculum. Additionally, Mike is interested in family-history writing, which was the topic of his dissertation. He has published a few of his own personal essays, and he has helped several people write and publish their own memoirs, biographies, and family histories.


Ph.D. in Composition Studies, University of New Hampshire 2012
M.A. in Rhetoric & Composition, Boise State University 2008
B.A. in English Literature, Boise State University 2005