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Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications

Myth and Environment in Recent Southwestern Literature: Healing Narratives


By Theda Wrede
Lexington Books April 2014


Myth and Environment in Recent Southwestern Literature: Healing Narratives challenges the conventions of the mythic West and envisions a new way to promote a healthier relationship between Westerners and their increasingly taxed landscape–through the power of narrative. An exploration of the complexly interwoven space shared by growing populations and their Southwestern desert homes, the book is divided into five chapters that explore the intersections of the mythic narrative, the environmental challenges the region faces, and ecological consciousness through ecocritical, psychoanalytic, racial, and feminist critical lenses. Discussing works by Cormac McCarthy, Leslie Marmon Silko, Barbara Kingsolver, and Denise Chávez, Wrede focuses on how boundaries can actually become sites of renewal and redemption.

The Fantastic Made Visible: Essay on the Adaptation of Science Fiction and Fantasy from Page to Screen


Edited by Matthew Wilhelm Kapell and Ace G. Pilkington
McFarland 2015


An invitation to examine Hollywood’s favorites and a few less known films as they relate to their literary originals. The collection offers a fresh critical look at the process (and sometimes problems) of translating a print text into a cinematic experience.
The contributors cover a variety of subjects including scientific advancements, mythology, environment, sexuality, and many others, and each essay demonstrates a unique relationship between the print and filmic text. As a result, this collection illuminates the understanding of both the cinematic translations and the print works that inspired them.
Written for anyone interested in film and literature, this book will prove equally useful in a classroom, in a library, and in a private collection.

Includes Ace G. Pilkington’s essay on Forbidden Planet “Forbidden Planet: Aliens, Monsters, and Fictions of Nuclear Disaster

The Horror Zine Magazine


Edited by Jeani Rector
Horror Zine 2015


Includes three poems by Ace G. Pilkington: “A Vampire Dreams at Noon,” “The Merman in the Fountain,” and “My Next Success

Sexuality in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (Social Issues in Literature)


Greenhaven Press 2014


Includes Ace G. and Olga A. Pilkington’s essay “A Midsummer Night’s Dream Is a War Between Sexes

The Films of James Cameron: Critical Essays


McFarland 2011


Includes Ace G. Pilkington’s essay “Fighting the History Wars on the Big Screen: From The Terminator to Avatar