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Degree Emphases

Degree Emphases


Creative Writing Emphasis

The Creative Writing emphasis is comprised of 21 credits in addition to established English Department program requirements that include a core curriculum. The Creative Writing emphasis will enable students to develop and hone skills in three primary areas of creative literary production—poetry, fiction and nonfiction—and prepare them for their English senior capstone project.

English Education Emphasis

In accordance with NCTE/NCATE program standards for initial preparation of teachers of secondary language arts, our English education courses help students adopt and strengthen professional dispositions and skills needed by English language arts teachers. Students integrate knowledge of English, students, and teaching.

Literary Studies Emphasis

Our literature courses seek to broaden and deepen students’ understanding of the unique value of literary expression as an aesthetic form that challenges the senses, the intellect, and the imagination. Students also learn to appreciate the complex relationship between the aesthetic and intellectual aspects of literature and the culture and time in which it was produced.

Professional and Technical Writing Emphasis

The Professional and Technical Writing program at Dixie State University prepares students for careers in technical, scientific, medical, legal, and business writing environments. Courses introduce students to the procedures and practices that professional writers and editors use regularly, including grant writing, freelance writing, interactive media development, magazine production, technical editing, and document design. To further enhance their understanding of language and verbal communication, students in our program investigate areas such as composition theory, visual rhetoric, and the history of rhetoric.


Creative Writing

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Professional and Technical Writing


Professional Writing