Spring 2011


ENGL 1010-02 Introduction to Writing Terre Burton
ENGL 1010-04 Introduction to Writing Robert Gray
ENGL 1010-07 Introduction to Writing Joy Cooney
ENGL 1010-08 Introduction to Writing James Haendiges, Ph.D.
ENGL 1010-10 Introduction to Writing AmiJo Comford, Ph.D.
ENGL 1010-11 Introduction to Writing Cheri Crenshaw, Ph.D.
ENGL 1010-13 Introduction to Writing Carla Gurr
ENGL 1010-15 Introduction to Writing Marianne Hales-Harding
ENGL 1010-16 Introduction to Writing Amanda Scott
ENGL 1010-17 Introduction to Writing Helen Perkins
ENGL 1010-18 Introduction to Writing Alexis Ence
ENGL 1010-22 Introduction to Writing Tim Bywater, Ph.D.
ENGL 1010-24 Introduction to Writing Suzanne Beasterfield
ENGL 1010-25 Introduction to Writing Stephen Armstrong, Ph.D.
ENGL 1010-28 Introduction to Writing Stephanie Foote
ENGL 1010-40 Introduction to Writing/ONLINE Theda Wrede, Ph.D.
ENGL 1010-42 Introduction to Writing/ONLINE Elaina Westegaard
ENGL 1010-43 Introduction to Writing/ONLINE Steve DeVito
ENGL 1010-44 Introduction to Writing/ONLINE Kathryn Sirls
ENGL 1010-50 Introduction to Writing Bryce Dixon
ENGL 1010-52 Introduction to Writing Jacqueline Mills
ENGL 1010-53 Introduction to Writing Nickole Backman
ENGL 1410-40 Elements of Grammar/ONLINE Cheri Crenshaw, Ph.D.
ENGL 2010-01 Intermediate Writing Selected Topic: Blog Portfolio Kirsten Nielsen
ENGL 2010-02 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Ed Reber
ENGL 2010-04 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Braden Lindstrom, Ph.D.
ENGL 2010-06 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Louise Engstrom
ENGL 2010-07 Intermediate Writing: America in Pop Culture Dustin Jackson
ENGL 2010-08 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Rebecca Robinson
ENGL 2010-09 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics John Denhalter
ENGL 2010-11 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Diane Albertini
ENGL 2010-12 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Brad Barry, Ph.D.
ENGL 2010-16 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Nancy Roche
ENGL 2010-18 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Darren Edwards
ENGL 2010-21 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Florence Bacabac, Ph.D.
ENGL 2010-24 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics/BLENDED Sue Bennett, Ph.D.
ENGL 2010-28 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Julia Combs, Ph.D.
ENGL 2010-30 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Carolyn Toone
ENGL 2010-40 Intermediate Writing/ONLINE George Jantzen
ENGL 2010-43 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Olga Pilkington
ENGL 2010-51 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Chelsi Sutton
ENGL 2010-52 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Kay Berry
ENGL 2010-54 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Cameron Hansen
ENGL 2010-55H Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Richard Mildenhall
ENGL 2130-01 Introduction to Science Fiction and Futurism Ace Pilkington, Ph.D.
ENGL 2140-01 Creative Writing Stephen Armstrong, Ph.D.
ENGL 2200-01 Introduction to Literature Brad Barry, Ph.D.
ENGL 2280-01 Introduction to World Literature II Cheri Crenshaw, Ph.D.
ENGL 2330-01 Children’s Literature Suzanne Beasterfield
ENGL 2410-01 Introduction to American Literature II Brad Barry, Ph.D.
ENGL 2510-50 Introduction to British Literature II Julia Combs, Ph.D.
ENGL 2600-01 Critical Introduction to Literature/BLENDED Randy Jasmine, Ph.D.
ENGL 2790-01 Writing Center Tutoring I Chelsi Sutton
ENGL 2890-01 Journal Publication/Southern Quill Stephen Armstrong, Ph.D.
ENGL 3010-40 Writing/Professions/ONLINE Diane Albertini
ENGL 3010-50 Writing in the Professions James Haendiges, Ph.D.
ENGL 3010-51 Writing in the Professions Florence Bacabac, Ph.D.
ENGL 3030-50 Advanced College Writing George Jantzen
ENGL 3120-01 Document Design James Haendiges, Ph.D.
ENGL 3140-01 Fiction Writing Stephen Armstrong, Ph.D.
ENGL 3141-01 Poetry Writing Chelsi Sutton
ENGL 3180-01 Writing for Interactive Media Florence Bacabac, Ph.D.
ENGL 3202-01 Genre Studies: Poetry Sue Bennett, Ph.D.
ENGL 3213-01 Period/Topic Western American Literature Theda Wrede, Ph.D.
ENGL 3220-01 Multi-Ethnic American Literature Theda Wrede, Ph.D.
ENGL 3260-50 Major American Authors Randy Jasmine, Ph.D.
ENGL 3340-01 Rhetoric of Science Diane Albertini
ENGL 3350-01 Writing Professional Contexts Stephen Armstrong, Ph.D.
ENGL 3400-50 World Literature AmiJo Comeford, Ph.D.
ENGL 3510-01 Shakespeare Ace Pilkington, Ph.D.
ENGL 3520-50 Young Adult Literature Suzanne Beasterfield
ENGL 3810-40 History and Structure of the English Language/ONLINE Olga Pilkington, Ace Pilkington, Ph.D.
ENGL 4510-01 Methods of Teaching Literature Suzanne Beasterfield
ENGL 4890-01 English Internship Stephen Armstrong, Ph.D.
ENGL 4890-02 English Internship Cheri Crenshaw, Ph.D.
ENGL 4890-03 English Internship Theda Wrede, Ph.D.
ENGL 4900-01 Senior Capstone AmiJo Comeford, Ph.D.