Summer 2011


ENGL 1010-01 Introduction to Writing Alexis Ence
ENGL 1010-02 Introduction to Writing Dustin Jackson
ENGL 1010-03 Introduction to Writing Julia Combs, Ph.D.
ENGL 1010-04 Introduction to Writing Darren Edwards
ENGL 1010-05 Introduction to Writing Suzanne Beasterfield
ENGL 1010-40 Introduction to Writing/ONLINE Theda Wrede, Ph.D.
ENGL 1010-50 Introduction to Writing Richard Mildenhall
ENGL 1410-40 Elements of Grammar/ONLINE Cheri Crenshaw, Ph.D.
ENGL 2010-01 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Nancy Roche
ENGL 2010-02 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Amanda Scott
ENGL 2010-03 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Sue Bennett, Ph.D.
ENGL 2010-04 Intermediate Writing: Pop Culture James Haendiges, Ph.D.
ENGL 2010-40 Intermediate Writing/ONLINE George Jantzen
ENGL 2010-43 Intermediate Writing/ONLINE Kathryn Sirls
ENGL 2010-50 Intermediate Writing Selected Topics Joy Cooney
ENGL 2100-50 Technical Writing Cheri Crenshaw, Ph.D.
ENGL 2330-40 Children’s Literature/ONLINE Suzanne Beasterfield
ENGL 2500-01 Introduction to British Literature I Sue Bennett, Ph.D.
ENGL 2600-40 Critical Introduction to Literature/ONLINE Randell Jasmine, Ph.D.
ENGL 3010-01 Writing in the Professions Florence Bacabac, Ph.D.
ENGL 3030-01 Advanced College Writing Brad Barry, Ph.D.
ENGL 3203-50 Genre Studies: Novels Randell Jasmine, Ph.D.
ENGL 3214-01 Period/Topic Studies: Realism/Modernism Sue Bennett, Ph.D.
ENGL 3220-01 Multi-Ethnic American Literature Brad Barry, Ph.D.
ENGL 3400-50 World Literature Randell Jasmine, Ph.D.