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Application For Membership

Application For Membership

Complete this application. Dr. Comeford will verify your transcript for eligibility directly through Banner.


Sigma Tau Delta Motto

"I shall endeavor to advance the study of the chief literary masterpieces, to encourage worthwhile reading, to promote the mastery of written expression, and to foster a spirit of fellowship among students specializing in the English language and literature ever keeping in mind our international motto. . . Sincerity, Truth, Design."


  1. Must be majoring or minoring (or the equivalent) or completing an Integrated Studies Emphasis in the discipline of English.
  2.  Must have a mnimum of two college courses in English language or literature beyond Eng 2010.
  3.  Must have a B+ or equivalent average (3.3) in English.
  4. Must rank in the highest 35% of his/her class in general scholarship (a B average/3.0 is OK).
  5. Must have completed at least three semesters or five quarters of college course work.
  6. Must be currently enrolled as a graduate or undergraduate student.


  1. Must attend at least two activities per semester (we usually have nine or ten total)
  2.  Must attend one TED Talk per semester (we usually have seven or eight total)—unless you have a class that conflicts or other non-negotiable scheduling conflicts (these should be addressed with Dr. Comeford specifically)
  3.  Must participate in at least one service and one fundraising activity per semester (in addition to the regular activities).

Failure to meet these participation requirements will result in not being allowed to wear the regalia at graduation.


Upon admittance into Sigma Tau Delta, you will receive notification of acceptance and will then be asked to pay a one-time fee of $40 for your international dues and a yearly $10 fee for local chapter dues. This fee entitles you to:

  • lifetime membership in Sigma Tau Delta
  • a membership certificate and lapel pin
  • list Sigma Tau Delta on your resume
  • wear Sigma Tau Delta regalia at graduation (if you complete the membership activity requirements) if you choose to purchase these items
  • apply for scholarship, internship, graduate assistantship, and writing award opportunities
  • submit papers for possible publication in The Rectangle and The Review
  • apply for the opportunity to serve on an international Board of Directors as a Student Advisor or Student Representative
  • submit papers or panel discussion for possible presentation at an annual international convention


Thank you